Wednesday, November 10, 2010


E-learning has been playing a large role in my life, and I am enjoying every minute of it.
This Journey I am taking has inspired my ideas and imagination.

Where did my interest come from and why?
From 2007 till September 2010 Community College East Gippsland allowed me to implement a training cafe for students undertaking Vcal (Victorian certificate applied learning)2008/9 ,Esl (English as a second language)2008/9/10 and Connections Program 2008/9/10 during this time I set up students blogs and wikis and we started on the road to a blended delivery.

During 2008/09 my media studies students, became interested in the blended learning approach and were happy to engage.
It was enjoyable watching the students develop their wiki's and blogs.
Certificate II students were able to source information, they were able to put into practice in the cafe environment.
The use of blogs were fantastic for evidence gathering.
For 2010 I worked with a new approach towards gaining evidence with the use of more blogs.
As well as a diary of the days tasks the blogs were used to answer food safety questions and discuss the days activities.
The evidence gathering with the blog showed photos of their job tasks, audio recordings and customer feedback.

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