Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When my Students were introduced to the idea of blended learning I was thrilled to see the excitment that it generated, they embraced the whole idea with enthusiasm and were keen to begin.
The students were sent invitations to join a disscussion room in Ning where they could  discuss, menus, upcoming events and ideas for improvement of our cafe .

The accreditted students spent time in the resource room, finding ppts and movies that  instructed them in communication , health and safety and the job tasks needed for kitchen operations.
I set students who had no email address up with a Gmail account
They spent each cafe day with a small window of time working on there wikis and blogs sucessfully.
A resource center was established for the students to access each unit and made the training process easier for the individual student.
Each page of the wiki covered one unit and all links and information is contained on that one page it made it easier for the student to develop an learning strategy.

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