Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Personal Learning Network for the Gippsland Region e-Leaders

Developing my own PLN has been a rewarding experience.
It is a feeling of satisfaction when you see that your members are using this site to develop their skills further.
Developing a PLN is time consuming but rewarding.

How do I know what I am contributing is the right information?
By concentrating on focus tools that are common in e-learning and keeping up with trends and advice from web developers and educators.

I have been developing this Personal learning Network for my e-leaders over a period of months.
 My PLN is directed towards focus tools and current information that I have investigated to be of use to my Network members. I have established a site that members can use for there personal e-ideas.
This has been created so that the members do not waste time in finding the most current and useful information in developing and building e-learning capability.

By connecting and creating an online presence with my members in my  PLN it helps us develop at a similar pace. Sharing is paramount in developing a PLN it gives everyone the same oppurtunity and allows for those that have more knowledge to pass on that information.
Each person has their own goals and e-ideas so the PLN must have a mix of information that allows members to make an effort to learn at their own pace.
Inviting  members to add to disscussion forums helps them share their goals and develops an online feeling that they can work together.

By making myself available to members in real time in my Vroom or at the PLN enables my members to feel secure that they have someone to turn too if they feel a bit overwhelmed or need to discuss a problem.
When you visit my PLN you are visiting me and I am showing you everything I am learning as well.

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