Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Personal Learning Networks?

Wordle: PLNCreating a personal learning network is essential for engaging people and tools that you use to enhance your learning and helps build on line communitys.
Social computing applications provide new platforms where people can connect, share and create together and become members of  networks and communities. There are a number of teacher community of practices, both closed and open, that allow teachers to network and share. Every educator today should know the best ways to access content online to develop e-learning strategies enabling educators  to participate in different types of online collaborative activities,
Connecting with other educators can help improve your online practice.
Developing a PLN can be time consuming but well worth the effort.
  • learn from content e-builders
  • Locate resources for your classroom, such as free websites and software
  • informal learning like mentoring
  • Adult learning in a community of practice
  • Get lesson plan ideas from others
  • Learn about new technologys to integrate into your teaching
  • Find collaborative solutions
  • New opportunities for observing and reflection
  • Allows different social contexts for learning with active peer support
  • Enables  individual lifelong learning
  • Find interesting links to education news
  • Join communitys
  • Network
  • Share
  • For Professional development

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