Saturday, January 8, 2011

ACFE e-Champion 2010 Gippsland Region

I have been a trainer and assessor for a number of years predominantly Hospitality,in 2007 I started my e-learning Journey. It has inspired my ideas and imagination and improved my delivery and the way I now approach my training sessions.
At present I am undertaking a role to help organizations in the Gippsland Region to build e-capability as an ACFE e-champion Community College East Gippsland invited me in 2007 to implement a training cafe for students undertaking Vcal ,Esl and Connections Program
Timing was perfect as I had just started learning basic computer skills and was invited by Jan Roberts to be part of a project Learn scope and AcessAce.
This encouraged me to deliver the Cert II in Hospitality as a blended form of delivery.
The café was 3 days a week and the introduction of blogs helped in the e assessment process.
The flip video, camera and voice technologies were used to provide evidence of the students work skills for part of AQF .The students were trained in all aspects of the Hospitality work ethos and job tasks by implementing a café where they sold lunches for cost.
The program was a success right from the start, It is gave students the opportunity to learn new work skills and ICT skills that enhanced their abilities and opportunities for employment
My Students became interested in the blended learning approach and were happy to engage so a media studies class was developed to accommodate the interest and added extra learning outcomes.
It was enjoyable watching the students develop their wiki's and blogs and to have them attending my classes when attendance was low across the college.
Certificate II students were able to source information online at a purpose designed website that they were able to put into practice in the café environment.
The use of blogs were fantastic for evidence gathering in the kitchen and students happily blogged about the day’s events.
As well as a diary of the days tasks the blogs were used to answer food safety questions.
The evidence gathering with the blog can show photos of the job tasks, audio recordings and customer feedback.
I was given this wonderful PD opportunity by my mentors, Jan Roberts from Community College East Gippsland and Josie Rose from ACFE.
I am still being trained by facilitators that have the knowledge, wisdom and foresight to see the positive use in education of blended and online training.
This AccessACE PD helped me develop and deliver a fully online class for safe food handling which was implemented with students from Bendoc and Benambra taking part in the trial.
This went fantastic I enjoyed developing the program and the interaction online in synchronous time was beneficial to us all.
All critera was met for assessment purposes.
Work books and assessment were sent to the students to complete in their time. Some assessments were developed as polls and surveys and completed and saved to word.
Live classrooms are an excellent tool, we have moved to elluminate which is also user friendly .
The functions in the live classroom are vast and easy to use.
This online course is now implemented at Community College East Gippsland and is part of curriculum

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