Sunday, January 23, 2011


As educators we need to demonstrate and raise awareness with facilitators and management that e-learning is the way forward, that it will build sustainability and add to the organisations infrastructure .
Embedding e-learning into an organisation can develop and link partnerships in business, government and social networks
By establishing a network of teachers and managers to provide leadership will enable a cultural shift
It is not difficult to step out of one’s comfort zone, and develop an inventive and e-learning strategy.
The difficulty is changing the way people think.
Building e-capability at the organisational level is the first step finding out how to do this is easy. You must conduct a reality check of what the organisation would need to achieve e-capability.
ACFE model of e-mentors who guide e-champions who then in turn instruct e-leaders on the benefits and tools needed to build their personal development towards e-learning is a model that has worked well.

One of the many tools available is Wallwisher a fun  tool for adding sticky  notes, it allows you keep tally of the tasks you need to keep up to date with. You can create more than one wallwisher and they can be embedded into to your personal blogs and wikis as reminders notes of tasks you need to perform.

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