Monday, January 24, 2011

Classroom Practice

During my time at Community College I kept a Reflective Journal of my Journey into e-learning and how I Incorporated e-learning it into my classroom practice. Reflection on professional practice is not new to me and I demonstrated what I was doing with my reflective wiki to my peers on numerous occasions.
As well as reflecting this journal gave me an opportunity to demonstrate how my students adapted to this new medium and 21st century education. Community College East Gippsland gave me the opportunity to teach my students about creating there own reflective Journal and develop a small e-portfolio about the things they were taught. Most of my students were disengaged and the use of technology in the classroom sparked imagination and they became  keen to produce a body of work. This worked well and all my students attendance for my classes was excellent although they dropped off in other classes throughout the college.
Their poor attendance was not obvious in my classes and I felt the use of a blended approach help in keep the students engaged and interested in their study

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